We all learn differently some people learn better with one-on-one help! If you need help to start winning week after week with no workouts, no boxes, no luck, no grids, no sheets, and no gurus! Sign up for your one on one lottery tutorial! There is nothing more valuable than your time or ours, so there will be a $25.00 fee for this  session! Please have available paper, pencil, access to the internet along with your membership, and no interruptions! The Session will last for 30 mins max! When ready you can make your payment in the membership area or via the cash app (WHTV1)! Please provide a good contact number and we will arrange the best time for your sessions!

You will be learning the items below along with how to use your Winners Only Lotto Membership!

1. How to Log In
2. Which game is better Pick 3 or Pick 4 and why?
3. Best days for playing triples and quads.
4. How to read our Pick 3 and Pick 4 Calendars.
5. How to read our Pick 3 and Pick 4 Maps.
6. Math facts About Both Games
7. ask Any Questions You have About the Games
8. You Will Receive A PDF Email With a Break Down Of The Contents
9. Video Chat If Available To Share Screens
10. Wagering Tips For Winning




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