Winners Only Lotto Guide

How To Login Into Your Membership Area!


1.Step one create your account by clicking on join now/buy book on site. On mobile devices look for the grey bar at the top the reads home/menu click this option and all pages will appear stroll up and down until you see the option need!

2. Please enter a prom code or / affiliate Id if you have for new memberships.

3. If you don’t have one click the BIG RED BUTTON that says join now!

4. Create your membership area account with the details asked.

5. Subscribe to our email list it keeps you informed you won’t be spammed nor do we sell your information period!

6. Select your payment option that’s best for you we offer several options including a free 7-day trial promotion!

7.Select from our auto-billing options or month to month!

8. Do not select Affiliate options if you don’t understand what affiliate marketing is! Those links are for members that want to earn an extra income for promoting WOL.

9. Once this process has been done with or without a PayPal account you will be granted access to the membership area. Please remember your username and password that you created on your account!

10. If you don’t see this desk top image view below your membership is not active!

11. If you don’t see this mobile device view then your membership is not active.

12. If you have an account and forgot your username or password please reset by your email and make sure to check your spam for reset option!.

WOL - Your Membership Information

What a membership looks like on mobile device view

WOL - Phone Dashboard

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