Elite Access Only

If you have a link to this page its by special invite only from WOL! You have been asked to join the BAS affiliate program by WOL to increase your ability of making money as we have for years from some the top affiliate programs. 


1.       Master Affiliates will distribute affiliate revenue on a weekly basis every Monday. Positive affiliate commissions are cashable once week within the first days of the week. Any negative balances will carry over to the next period and subsequent periods until the commissions become positive again and cover the negative carryover.

2.       General customers’ payment rules and norms will apply at the time of affiliate payments.

3.       Master Affiliates will pay you the agreed commission in revenue share based on the referred players’ net losses.

4.       Affiliate net losses are calculated as follow: gross revenue, minus bonuses, fees, cashbacks, rebates, chargebacks, and any incentives or adjustments, divided in the portion of the revenue share percentage agreed or granted automatically by the system.

5.       We reserve the right to pay different affiliates, different revenue share percentages based on performance.

6.       Affiliates will earn commissions for the life of the customer if the affiliate remains an active member of the Master Affiliates. An active member is defined as an affiliate who remains in good standing and visibly promotes the Master Affiliates brand(s) to the best of their ability.

7.       To qualify for cashing out generated revenue, you must have referred a minimum of 4 new depositing customers lifetime or within the previous recent months.

8.       You may not receive commission generated by your own wagering account. Any affiliate caught self-referring will result in withheld commissions and both the affiliate and player account will be closed.

9.       No admin fees charged to affiliates. Min payout for earnings is $50 via bitcoin payout.

10. WOL is not responsible for any of BAS terms and conditions or payments from joining their program


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